Roosevelt Park Excavation Blog 2016

Follow our weekly blog posts from the 2016 excavations at Roosevelt Park, written by the ANT5280 students: 

The End of the 2016 Field Season: Research Presentations and Future Directions   December 12, by Krysta Ryzewski

Dig Day #11: Lab Day. Not ALL Discoveries are Made in the Field   November 28, by Will Pizzimenti

Dig Day #10: Into the Lab   November 21, by Terri Renaud

Dig Day #9: Backfill Day!  November 14, by Mallory Moore

Dig Day #8: Last Dig Day  November 7, by Allison Hebel

Dig Day #7: Spooktacular Digging  October 31, by Hannelore Willeck

Open Day: Nadine’s Post  October 29, by Nadine Duchaine

Open Day: Gavin’s Post  October 29, by Gavin Swantick

Dig Day #6: Features in Full Swing  October 24, by Kailey McAlpin

Dig Day #5: International Visitors  October 17, by Tameshja Brooks

Dig Day #4: Artifacts Galore October 10, by Lisette Wittbrodt

Dig Day #3: Outhouses and more Outhouses! October 3, by Bridget Bennane


Dig Day #2: Excavations are Under Way September 26, by Zack Diedrich

Dig Day #1: The 2016 Field Season Begins! September 19, by Ashlee Jed

Media Coverage from our 2016 Open Day on Saturcay, October 29th: Detroit Free Press