Publications, Reports, and Graduate Essays on Detroit Archaeology


Laura McAtackney and Krysta Ryzewski (editors), in press. Contemporary Archaeology and the City: Creativity, Ruination and Political Action, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Krysta Ryzewski 2016. Reclaiming Detroit: Decolonizing Archaeology in the Post-Industrial City, Savage Minds: Notes and Queries in Anthropology, Invited blog contribution for Decolonizing Anthropology Series.  

Krysta Ryzewski, 2015.  No Home for the “Ordinary Gamut”: A Historical Archaeology of Community Displacement and the Creation of Detroit, City Beautiful,  Journal of Social Archaeology15(3): 408-431.

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Graduate Essays

C. Lorin Brace, VI. 2016. MA essay: “Nothing phony about it in any way”: Archaeological analysis of the Blue Bird Inn Jazz Club in Post-War Detroit. On File with the Department of Anthropology, Wayne State University. 

Katherine Korth, 2015. MA essay: Rethinking Standard Narratives: A Documentary Archaeology of Detroit’s Roosevelt Park in the early 20th century. On File with the Department of Anthropology, Wayne State University. 

Samantha Malette (Ellens), 2015.  MA essay: Contextualizing Quackery and Medicine through a 19th-early 20th century Detroit Household. On File with the Department of Anthropology, Wayne State University. 

Technical and Narrative Reports*
* reports are on file with the Grosscup Museum of Anthropology at Wayne State University (contact K. Ryzewski for access)


Krysta Ryzewski, editor, 2016. Report on the 2014 Excavations of Roosevelt Park, Detroit, MI.  2 Volumes.

Samantha Ellens, 2015. Archaeological Mapping of the United Sound Studios, Detroit.

C. Lorin Brace VI and Samantha Ellens, 2015. Report on the Survey and Excavations of the Blue Bird Inn Jazz Club, Detroit.

Krysta Ryzewski, editor, 2014. Report on the 2012 Excavations of Roosevelt Park, Detroit, MI.

Katherine Korth and Samantha Malette (Ellens), 2014. Report on the Collections-based Research of the Renaissance Center Assemblage, Unearthing Detroit Project.

Brenna Moloney and Krysta Ryzewski, 2013. Report on the 2013 Speakeasy Project Excavations at Tommy’s Bar, Detroit, MI.