Dig Day #7: Spooktacular Digging

Happy Halloween….and Happy Excavating!

Hanne Willeck

October 31 was another cool fall day in the field.  In keeping with the holiday, we began with some spooky finds – a mysteriously cracked brick in Lot 13, and dead black squirrel next to the Lot 7 excavation unit!

The Lot 13 team continued to excavate around a large brick and mortar pedestal (Figure 1).  This appears to have been a support base for the corner of a structure that previously stood on the site.


Figure 1:  Brick and mortar pedestal in Lot 13

In Lot 15, the team finished digging their third layer of soil and continued into a very orange fourth soil layer.  After finding very few artifacts in both layers, it was decided that excavation would stop on this unit.  They will begin digging a new unit in a different area next week.

Nearby in Lot 14, another interesting feature was uncovered, this time a large circular hole along the north wall (Figure 2).  This may be from a drainage pipe that was part of an early plumbing system.  The hole continues more than 20 inches straight down into the ground.


Figure 2:  Circular feature in Lot 14 with one of our excavators standing in as a scale model

In Lot 7, the line of rocks from the possible wall was removed and excavation began into the clay layer underneath.  By the end of the day, the north side had revealed a darker soil section next to a sandy section containing small mortar and plaster bits.  Further investigation will continue next week.

All teams added to their collections of research artifacts with glass, ceramic, nails, metal, brick, and animal bone.  The day’s top find came out of Lot 13 – two pieces of jaw bone (Figure 3)!  This may have been from a young goat, since the teeth were still sharp and the middle section of the bone had not fused.


Figure 3:  Two pieces of jaw bone recovered from Lot 13

Only a couple field days remain.  Stay tuned to see what else we uncover!