Open Day: Nadine’s Post

Nadine Duchaine

Our archaeology Open Day was held on Saturday October 29. It was a typical Michigan fall day in that it was cool, windy and cloudy. With dark clouds rolling in we were nervous that it would rain but it held out in our favor!

It was an active day but everyone took breaks to share information with our dozens of visitors about Roosevelt Park and the community that once stood here. Visitors included family, fellow students and a curious public making up to least 80 people! Fellow archaeologists from Wayne State and nearby colleges came to look as well. All the teams spent time in their lots showing visitors what we do here.

Team Trowel in lot 13 had an exposed brick feature in the south wall of the unit. Possibly a wall? They will uncover this mystery next week when the team expands the unit. They found a fragments of flower pots and faunal remains.

Team Stratigraphy in lot 7 found a metal pipe post hole in the southern section of the unit. So far the team uncovered nails, bottles, glass and architectural material. The team had to break out some new tools, a pix axe, in order to start breaking through the clay deposit.

In lot 15, Team Plumbob, found large faunal remains, ceramics and many rusty nails! The team is in their 3rd context layer and no end in sight to the items they are finding.

Lot 14, Team Bones, my team and I were lucky enough to have no odor during Open Day. But it looks like we hit a trash deposit. Animal bones, rivet to a shoe, ceramics and many metal items were just a few things found. The daughter of our teammate Terri, informed us that our lot was also a Pokestop!