Dig Day #5: International Visitors

Tameshja Brooks

With nice weather and the help from our friends from the University of Windsor across the river, each lot got a lot accomplished at Roosevelt Park today. Unfortunately, Lot 14 was still dealing with the awful smell from last week, but soldiering through it they uncovered a deposit that would turn out to be a pit-like feature (a trench for a privy?). They also found a flower pot fragment and began to reach their next context in the northwest corner. Clinker, glass and bone were sifted out with help from Sam and Nicole from University of Windsor’s history class on Detroit in the 1880’s. Brody, another student from Professor Huffaker’s class, also helped them trowel around a brick that appeared in their northwest corner.

fig1Figure 1. Professor Shauna Huffaker from the University of Windsor’s History Department assists in sifting in Lot 7. 

Nearby in Lot 15, our diggers thought they were right on point in finding the outhouse in their house lot. While working through their second soil layer they found wood planks, glass, and most notably a large animal bone fragment.

fig2aFigure 2. Lot 15’s animal bone fragment.

On top of these finds the students feel confident they are right above their next context layer, which means careful digging and more paperwork in their future.

Over in Lot 7, a lot of items related to past inhabitants’ leisure activities were found. The students uncovered things like marbles, a die, and a wheel possibly from a toy. These artifacts  may link to children of the families that once lived there.

Last but not least, my Lot 13 made great headway on the multiple context layers that threw us into a paperwork frenzy last week. We expanded our excavation unit in order to expose the feature we thought to be a trash pit and, it yielded many artifacts, just as we hoped.

fig2Figure 3. Lot 13 preparing to expand the excavation unit.

In summary, each group walked away from the day with a lot of discoveries and goals for next week’s class. Check us out next week to find out more about our progress here at Roosevelt Park. And don’t forget to mark your calendars for our Open Day on Saturday October 29, from 1-3pm!

fig4Figure 4. Cute puppy helper / mascot of Lot 14.