Dig Day #2: Excavations are Under Way

Zack Diedrich

Hello! My name is Zack and I am going to tell you a little bit about what happened at Roosevelt Park this past week during our excavations on September 26th. In the central area of the park, away from most of us, we had a team digging shovel test pits (STPs) to gain a better picture of the park’s overall archaeological landscape. Members of the STP team also gathered GPS coordinates for all of the units we’ve been digging.

Most of us are working along the eastern edge of the park. In the area closest to the Michigan Central Station, in Lot 14, Team Bones opened up a 1×1 meter unit and made it to the second layer of dirt underneath the grassy layer. In the northernmost unit, Lot 13, Team Trowel reached a second layer of soil in their 1×1 meter unit.

 My team in Lot 7 opened and closed our first shovel test pit this week. Last week we spent a lot of time deliberating where we wanted to put it and figuring out where the boundaries of the area’s former house lot. Our shovel test pit had some problems with it, mainly that we ran into an old sprinkler and a lot of roots from a nearby tree! (Figure 1).


 Figure 1. Here’s why our excavations in Lot 7 were slowed down a bit – a sprinkler from the 1920s! 

Nevertheless, we found a fair bit of artifacts in the excavations. Many of the artifacts seemed like they were once associated with a furnace or an oven; brick, charcoal, coal — we are definitely near a trash pit! Hopefully we can hone in on it next week!