Dig Day #9 – Our Last Day Excavating!

By Gagan Dhillon

November 10, 2014 was our last day in the field. It was a very cold and windy day, but none of us wanted it to be our last of excavating. Every team had a plan to keep digging until 2:40, then do closing paperwork, followed by back filling.


Sam and Katie draw the profile of their unit’s wall in Lot 3

In Area 1, the Lot 3 team was very busy working against the clock to finish up last minute details. The most important thing on their minds was to finish excavating today. Having reached context RP106, they were finding less artifacts. In this layer they also found a trench that started on the south end and angled toward the trash heap along the unit’s north end.  They also added another bottle to their collection – a medicine bottle that held a cure for the kidney, liver and bladder illnesses.

post2Mark prepares the Lot 4 Unit 1 wall for a profile drawing.

The team in Lot 4 Unit 1 were in the home stretch at the beginning of class and focused mainly on drawing their wall profile. Their excavations didn’t hit sterile soil, but there were patches of it peaking through. Feature 9, which the group believes is a post hole, still continued while feature 8 was fully excavated. A small bag of artifacts containing a few pieces of glass and ceramics was all that was found in Lot 4 today.

post3Lot 4, STP 2 located a sprinkler pipe installed at the park in the 1920s

Meanwhile, STP 2 in Lot 4 revealed building materials (a big chunk of brick) and a pipe running north to south of the STP. The group believes this is a pipe from the park’s early sprinkler system, which was installed in the 1920s.


Lot 11 at the end of excavations

In Area 2, the team at Lot 11  were in the process of cleaning up and taking profile pictures when I interviewed them. They hadn’t found any artifacts this week.


Lorin draws Lot 12’s stratigraphy

The crew at Lot 12 was busy mapping their stratigraphy. They also conducted a nearby STP in which found fragments of pottery and a bottle fragment.

In Lot 10, the team finished their wall profile and excavated up to RP94. They found a cement floor pieces, bricks, metal and some ceramic bits.

After the final paperwork was done we started to fill in the units that we spent weeks carefully digging. Many students had grown attached to their units and made sure to take group photos with their lot crews before backfilling them. Our next class will be our first lab day!