Answers to Popular Questions

By Eric Boulis

Over the course of the past couple weeks in the field we have had many visitors asking questions, so here are a few answers to the most popular inquiries.

  1. We do not sell the artifacts we find. Ever. The artifacts we recover tell the story of Detroit’s history and they are materials for us to take care of for the public benefit – not to sell for private ownership and profit. We carefully record what we find and where we find it. The artifacts enter our collections where they are stored and analyzed. In some cases they will also make their way into displays in museums, and in all cases we will share our findings through publications, presentations, and social media for those who are interested in them. map and house
  2. We do not just pick a spot and start digging. There are many archaeological methods and questions we use when determining where to dig. At Roosevelt Park, we identified research questions and then used historical records, old real estate maps and a modern park map to create a layered site map of where things where in the past. We also use high tech imaging equipment to see if there is anything under the surface, small test pit digs, and magnetometry, before we open larger excavation units.

I hope these points help to clear up any questions or misconceptions that any of our readers have about what it is we do and why we do it. Everyone, of course, should feel free to come out and visit us on Oct. 25th from 1-3pm for our public Open Day so you can see for yourselves what we do and how we do it!